Sunday, 28 October 2012

Bienvenidos, muchachos!

Hiya there, folks!

I hope  y'all were having a fine day at the blogosphere when you found my cute lil' corner of the internet. This blog, fresh out of the oven, is one I'm creating with no specific purpose. I will be talking about everything. Everything I'm interested in, things I see happen, things I make happen, anything that tickles my fancy. 

So, as a first post, I would like to explain the name of this blog. My name is not Nina, it's Marcela. But, when I was born, my sister, who was two and a half years old at the time, started calling me "menina", Portuguese for "girl". Don't ask me why she did that, but, oh well, she was two and a half. "Menina" somehow evolved into "Nina" and until today, my parents and all of my uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins and the whole enormous family I'm lucky to have still calls me Nina.

It used to be just an "internal" nickname, if you will, only my family called me that. But, then, I saw an amazing movie with the great Swedish actress Greta Garbo where her name was Nina, and I finally realized what a cute nickname it really was. Her character was a total baddass too, which also helped a whole lot. The movie, if you're wondering, is Ninotchka, and it was released in 1939. 

And there's me! I'm kidding, that's Greta Garbo 
The important thing is, I needed a cute name for my blog, I embraced my family nickname. As for the header, that pretty girl is Rita Hayworth. Another great actress from the Golden Era and a beautiful woman. 

Are you excited to join me in these rambly and (mostly) useless musings? I know I am! Stay tuned!



  1. Hi, congrats on starting your new blog, the design is gorgeous and love the story behind the name. Looking forward to future ramblings and useless musings.

    1. Dear Alyssa! How sweet of you to join me here! :)